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Its now time for the short rains in Nairobi. A tricky kind of season to be in.I have been tormented by this weather for the past few days. My worst experience so far is a time last week when i got stranded in town. No umbrella and it was such a heavy downpour. I got home at around 11 pm and i had left the office at 6. I learnt my lesson the hard way :’-D

Here is the story:

So that day was just a normal one for me. Woke up with high expectations for the day, little did i know that everything would go hullabaloo later.It didn’t rain overnight  and the sun was up that morning. I didn’t even bother to dress up heavy. Had my sun-dress on, a pair of sandals, a light sweater because i didn’t want to get too hot in the afternoon and i didn’t even bother to carry an umbrella with me. The afternoon at work was fine but later in the evening clouds began to gather up. It rained a little then stopped. I thought i was lucky. So its end of business and we have to leave work. Usually i have to commute from my workplace to town, then take another vehicle to home.

I board the vehicle innocently from work and begin our trip. A few kilometers away, and it begins drizzling. i console myself that its only “little” rain I’ll manage. But the closer we got to town, the more it rained. I became restless. It was getting colder and colder and i began freezing. The situation even becomes worse because of traffic. Why do we always have traffic!!! After hours of stagnation, we finally get to town and there is a very big downpour and am thinking to myself “Oh Lord! this just had to happen today”. The conductor suddenly shouts,” mwisho wa gari, shukeni sasa!! I became even more confused. Where the hell am i supposed to go in that rain.

I alight the matatu and rush for shelter under a building.It was extra windy. Small umbrellas were being blown up and the owners too had to stop and look for shade. Its already flooded,so i just stand there watching people trying to run and some of them would just end up jumping into ditches and splashing water on themselves. I decide to wait for the rain intensity to reduce. I did that for hours until i just gave up and decided to walk in the rain. I was soaked wet by the time i alighted the vehicle to home.

So just a few tips for you readers so that you don’t get stuck in this Nairobi weather like me 😀

  • It is the SHORT RAIN season so NEVER assume that it won’t pour just because the sun came out.
  • Always carry an umbrella. – but you can also plan to invest in gumboots and raincoats like me 😀
  • Always have an extra sweater, hoodie or jumper. It doesn’t hurt to keep extra warm 🙂
  • Lastly always have extra cash with you, these matatu operators tend to hike fare prices.

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